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  • Scott Carter Cooper

The Girls of the Club Café – Themes/Motifs

A train is generally read as a masculine image, so I thought it a perfect time to subvert that reading and incorporate it into an all-female story.

These plays were not written in the order that they’re being presented. Two of them are actually reworkings of previous pieces. But it was with “The Girls of the Club Café” that the idea of a train began to develop. Even today, a train running through a small rural town has meaning. It brings things, it transports crops, it makes you wait at a crossing. It’s loud and demands attention and respect. A train lumbering through a small town cannot be ignored.

In Morning Glory it does all that, but also signifies the passage of time, the possibility of change and adventure, and to a large degree in these stories, it’s the harbinger of death. And once I decided upon the necessity of the train throughout the series, the purpose of the narrator became clear as well.

The development of an image served as a focal point that informed all subsequent drafts of each of the Morning Glory episodes as well as inspired a nifty graphic!

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