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  • Scott Carter Cooper

Stoned -- Origins

This whole project started with the memory of the cemetery where my father is buried. I haven’t been there in years, so as I say, the image is based on a memory. It’s outside of my hometown in Iowa, on a bluff overlooking the town. All of the markers are flush with the ground, so the entire cemetery looks like a lawn. In my memory, there is an unobstructed view of the Great Plains and only the sound is of wind rustling the prairie grasses and corn fields. At the bottom of the bluff I can see the railroad track running east and west and just below that is a line of trees which marks the edge of town.

This is the image that prompted this season of Flash Radio Theatre. And the cemetery is where I set the penultimate play for this season. The episode appears to be very simple, but in reality it is a very complex piece requiring use of all sixteen tracks in the recording software. I’ve now put together twelve episodes, and “Stoned” is unquestionably my favorite one so far.

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