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Novena – Time Management

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“Novena” was the first play on the schedule for recording, and right out of the gate we faced a major challenge. The actor who’d been cast as May took ill and at literally the very last minute had to drop out of the recording session. With one actor already waiting, there was only one thing to do: record Linda’s lines separately and hopefully figure out how to fit May’s performance around it. Because all six plays had to be recorded over the Labor Day Weekend, the schedule was tight and set. There could be no changes, and with the exception of the narration, everything had to be done in those three days.

If you’re not aware of this, the answer to nearly every theatrical challenge is Valerie Fachman. I first saw Val perform in a high-school production of The Crucible, and then got to know her when we attended Drake University together. And although we’re each only thirty 😊, I have been in awe of her as a person and as an actor for decades. I could not have been more honored when she offered to fly in from San Francisco to record one of the plays. Since virtually every word I write gets sent to Val, she was familiar with all six plays and was more than willing and capable of spending a couple of extra hours after recording her first play to pinch hit for May. I’ll never know how these two actors managed to create through time and space the chemistry that you hear in “Novena”, but I could not be prouder of the results.

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