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Flash Radio Theatre -- The Morning Glory Stories

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Is there anything more tedious than a playwright expounding upon his own work? Yet here we are. I’ll keep it brief and do my best not to sound too much up my own ass.

Over the Labor Day Weekend of 2019, twenty actors and musicians brought their passion, talent and intellect into a corporate conference room and generated the raw material that took the next four months to shape into this online theatre experience. These six short radio plays tell the story of the women of a fictitious small town on the prairie as they face the challenges of the Great Depression and prepare for the cultural and political upheaval of the second world war.

We’ll be releasing these recordings on a semi-weekly basis throughout January of 2020. They will be available wherever major podcasts can be found or by clicking Flash Radio Theatre, where you can also catch up on the first season.

And as a bonus, there’ll be tantalizing blog posts talking about the podseries-making process!

I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say we hope you enjoy The Morning Glory Stories and thank you for giving us a listen.

January 13 – Novena

January 16 – By Hook or By Crook

January 20 – The Girls of the Club Café

January 23 – Over the Edge

January 27 – Stoned

January 30 – Catching Moonlight in a Sparkling White Dress

Click on the photo below and catch up with the first season!

Pictured below:

Top Row: Becca Russo, Ann James, Whitney Pipes, Sarah Breidenbach

Second Row: Eleanor Katz, Ginneh Thomas, Sandy Borglum

Third Row: Clara Flaherty, Taylor Tufenkjian, Valerie Fachman, Samantha Garcia

Fourth Row: Elena Victoria Feliz, Cindy Henkin, Claire Yearman

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