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  • Scott Carter Cooper

Darnella Frazier

Dear Mr. President Biden:

This has been a difficult year. The hardest part has been finding hope that things will ever get better. However with the impending control of the pandemic and the breaking of spring, things are getting lighter. And then yesterday a modicum of justice for George Floyd and his family, and by extension all Americans of color, and I begin to feel that the United States of America still has the potential to live up to our potential and the yet unrealized ideals outlined by the founders.

I am writing because yesterday’s events and all future policing reforms would not have happened without one person: Darnella Frazier. I believe she is her generation’s Rosa Parks and as such deserves recognition from the highest levels. Therefore, I’m requesting that she be presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and that you submit her name for the Congressional Medal of Honor, and as a potential recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ms. Frazier was simply living her life when she recorded the murder of George Floyd for all the world to see, demonstrating that every American has the opportunity and potential to do great things Hers was a small act that will turn the course of history in ways that centuries of fighting hasn’t. Ms. Frazier stands on tall shoulders, to be sure, but her bravery has shown the world what it truly means to be an American.

For her courage and service to a grateful nation, I request that she be honored with the aforementioned awards.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Carter Cooper

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